Can You Use A Dog Cage For A Guinea Pig?

The cost of a dog crate can be pretty high, and usually only 2 guinea pigs can be housed in it. If you only have two guinea pigs, and can find a large enough crate for a reasonable price, it’s a great option.

What can I use as a guinea pig cage?

If other household pets don’t have access to the enclosure, the top may be open, but it must be 12” high. C&C cages are enclosures made from cubes and coroplast and they are recommended by many guinea pig rescue organizations.

Can guinea pigs live without a cage?

Conventional indoor cages aren’t suitable because they don’t have enough space. If you have enough space in your home, you should give the pigs a room of their own.

Do guinea pigs like their cages covered?

There should be an umbrella cover for all of them. There is a need for a cover to keep them safe. If the cage covers are open enough, they will give you a sense of security, but not as much as you would like. They don’t want to get hurt by birds of prey.

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Can I free roam my guinea pig in my room?

If you allow your guinea pig to roam free in your home and backyard, he will be exposed to dangers he won’t find in his cage. The strong-smelling urine of the male can leave unpleasant smells in porous surfaces, and the guines can nibble baseboards, furniture, upholstery or electrical cords in your home.

What do guinea pigs love the most?

Your pig will be happy with the pellets and hay that you give him. If you want to make a special snack out of rolled oats, put a small cardboard tube with fresh hay in it.


Is it OK to have just 1 guinea pig?

A guinea pig can live alone, but not all the time. They need the company of other guinea pigs in order to be a good social animal. A pig needs a lot of care and interaction, so experts recommend keeping at least two of them together.

Do guinea pigs recognize their owners?

Is there a bond between the owners of the pigs and them? They are very much like cats or dogs when it comes to forming bonds with their humans. They are able to recognize people based on smell, sound, and sight. guineas have the ability to identify and respond to who they do and don’t know.

Is it OK to keep a guinea pig in your bedroom?

It’s entirely safe to keep your piggies in a bedroom if you can make sure the temperature and air flow are good. The temperature range for a guinea pig is 18C to 24C, which is good for their health.

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Do guinea pigs prefer dark or light?

It’s not a bad thing that guinea pigs like darkness. Piggies should still be exposed to light throughout the day as long as possible.

How often should you change guinea pig water?

In warmer weather, you should change the water in your pet’s bottle more frequently. It’s a good idea to check it frequently throughout the day to make sure it doesn’t get dry.

Do guinea pigs prefer hot or cold?

Being too cold can cause a lot of pain and stress for the guine pigs. If they are too cold for a long time, they can get sick and even die.

How often should I play with my guinea pig?

If their cage habitat is small, a guinea pig should get at least 3 to 4 hours of free range play each day. guinea pigs that can get good workouts out of the cage will be happier, healthier and better adjusted, even if they have a big cage.

How often should I let my guinea pig out?

Twice a day is the best time to leave the cage for a while. They can be taken out at dawn and dusk. Purchase a small pen or enclosure, or use a room where young children can’t get in.

Are plastic igloos safe for guinea pigs?

They look cute, but they aren’t appropriate for health and safety. It might provide more warmth for skinny’s.

Can I use a towel for guinea pig bedding?

There are towels and bed linen that can be used for a pig. Cotton is a natural material that is more absorbent than synthetic materials. Cloth materials aren’t as good as fleece liners and will need to be changed more frequently.

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Do guinea pigs prefer the dark?

Is the dark a good place for guinea pigs? The dark is preferred by the guinea pigs. They are easy to spot in daylight hours. They are often hidden away during the day in the home environment.

Can You Use A Dog Cage For A Guinea Pig?
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