How Much Dog Food For A Rottweiler?

What should I feed my Rottweiler?

Chicken, turkey, lamb, or herring are some of the foods that Rottweilers need a diet with between 22 and 26 percent of their body weight in them. Feeding adult food to Rottweiler puppies will prevent rapid growth that can cause problems in large breeds.

How many cups of food should a Rottweiler puppy eat?

A Rottweiler puppy that is 12 weeks old will usually weigh between 30 and 40 pounds, depending on the dog’s sex and genetics. You can feed your puppy anywhere from 3 to 5 cups of food a day due to the age of big growth spurts.

Do Rottweilers fart a lot?

There are medical conditions that may cause Rottweilers to fart more than usual. Excess flatulence can be caused by parasites, over feeding, and stress. The wrong food and treats can cause your dog to be gassy. It’s not necessary to live with a gassy Rottweiler.

Is it OK to feed my Rottweiler raw meat?

One of the best ways to feed a Rottweiler is by eating a raw diet. The prey model is one of the ways to feed a raw diet.


How Much Dog Food For A Rottweiler?
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