How To Turn Off Petsafe Shock Collar Remote?

Press and hold the on/off button until the collar emits a loud noise. When the collar is turned off, the red light will illuminate and turn off.

How do I turn off my petsafe shock collar?

If you want to turn off the receiver, press and hold the mode button for 5 seconds.

How do you program a petsafe shock collar?

The upper half of the button can be seen if the button is pressed on an angle. You can pair the collar by pressing and holding the upper left button. The collar will flash five times and then make a loud noise to make sure it’s compatible. The button needs to be released and tested to confirm it’s working.

How do you unlock the petsafe shock collar?

There is a preset number of levels for the remote trainer. Press and hold the buttons on the left at the same time to open it.

Why is my PetSafe collar not beeping?

If the Test Light doesn’t flash and the Receiver Collar doesn’t chirp, you should replace the battery in the receiver collar. If the Test Light doesn’t flash, you can contact the Customer Care Center. There is a chance of a complete or partial break in the 11.

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How do I reset my petsafe remote?

You can reset the collar by pressing and holding the power button. The collar is turned on by the light. The button needs to be held. The PIN has been reset and the collar flashes green and emits a sound.

How do I sync my petsafe remote to my collar?

The dog 1/2 button on the remote can be used to choose between Dog 1 or Dog 2. The collar should be turned off when the remote is turned on. There are two things. The collar will have an indicator on it that it’s ready to be used.

How do you reset a dog shock collar?

The receiver indicator light will flash five times if you hold the upper button. You may need to hold the two units close together. The Collar Receiver has been reset and will start flashing again after 5 flashes.

Why is my petsafe collar blinking red?

The collar on my fence is red. If you notice a red flashing light on your pet’s Computer Collar unit, you may need to replace the Power Cap battery. Replacement batteries can be ordered online or by phone from your local dealer.

How To Turn Off Petsafe Shock Collar Remote?
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