Is There A Recall On Diamond Natural Dog Food?

Is there a recall on Diamond Naturals dog food?

There is a voluntary recall of Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice. The product has the potential to be contaminated withSalmonella, so this is being done to make sure. No illnesses have been reported.

Is Diamond dog food killing dogs?

According to the FDA, at least 76 dogs are thought to have died as a result of eating contaminated Diamond Pet Foods.


What is the difference between diamond and diamond natural dog food?

Diamond Naturals is made for dogs. A significant upgrade over the standard Diamond product is offered by this product. A little above average.

What company owns Diamond dog food?

Diamond was founded in 1970 by Gary and Richard Kampeter, who wanted their pet food to be affordable.

Is Diamond Naturals Aafco approved?

Diamond Naturals All Life Stages Dog Chicken & Rice Formula has been formulated to meet the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages including growth of large size dogs.

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Is Diamond and Diamond Naturals the same company?

Diamond is a private label brand with three brands: Diamond, Diamond Naturals and Diamond grain free. Diamond has been involved in many recalls that affect their own brands and some of the products they make for other companies.

Is Diamond dog food made in China?

All of Diamond’s pet food lines are made with Chinese products. The ingredients for TOW are from all over the world. Chinese meat products are being used by Diamond. A small number of dog food manufacturers certify their products to be US-sourced.

Is Diamond natural dog food made in the USA?

We have an overview. The Diamond Naturals brand of dog food is made in America. The company makes food for other companies in its factories, as well as producing its own brands.

Is Diamond Pet Foods made in China?

Diamond Naturals is made in America in state-of-the-art facilities. There are some ingredients in this formula that are not from the USA, like dried chicory root from Belgium.

What dog food is recalled right now?

On Thursday, the FDA posted an advisory to alert consumers of a recall on various dog food brands.

Is Diamond dog food good for German shepherds?

Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice formula is designed for large breed puppies and will help them grow into strong, healthy adult dogs.

What dog food is better than diamond?

Science Diet won this round because they have multiple options for every kind of puppy. There is a diet for toy breeds, small breeds, large breeds and different flavors to choose from.

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How much dog food should I feed my dog Diamond Naturals?

Feed your adult dog 1/2 to 1 cup per 10 pounds or less of body weight per day.

Is There A Recall On Diamond Natural Dog Food?
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