What Is Junior Dog Food?

Royal Canin Giant Junior is a diet made for your puppy’s growth and strength. Balanced energy content and precise amounts of calcium and phosphorus are needed for healthy bones and joints.

What is the difference between puppy and junior dog food?

There is a difference between puppy and junior dog food. Junior dog food can be used to meet the needs of puppies who remain puppies for a long time, like larger breed puppies. It is possible that this term is interchangeable with large breed puppy food.

When should a puppy go into junior food?

At the puppy stage, growth foods have higher levels of calories and are more suited for your pup’s development. Your pup’s needs change as he gets older. Your puppy can transition to adult food at that time.

Can puppies eat Junior dog food?

Many adult dog foods don’t always provide a balanced diet for puppies. If you decide to feed your pup adult dog food, that’s fine. It is dog food that will not make your puppy seriously ill. They may experience an upset stomach at some point.

Do dogs need junior food?

As your dog gets older, you can reduce the number of small meals that puppies need. You can choose between wet food, dry food, or a mixture of both for your dog’s food.

Should puppy kibble be soaked?

Puppy food should be soaked from 3 to 4 weeks up to 12 weeks. There is no set rule for this, some puppies and older dogs like to eat dry food when they are wet, so it’s not a problem if you have a puppy or dog that likes to eat dry food.


What Is Junior Dog Food?
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